Sarah: Spring 2018 Journal

Sarah: Spring 2018 Journal

My life story is the story of everyone I've ever met.- Jonathan Safran Foer

This is the first time I’ve done a journal entry and not written it when finishing up a tour.  There’s always a lot of reflection on where we’ve been and all the recent things we’ve done. It can be overwhelming because so many memories and long days have been crammed together over the previous month (or three).  You make lists of your adventures to keep track of them… and then the dust settles.

There’s a quiet that comes when you’re home from the road. The world literally feels as if it moves slower. You need a few days to adjust to waking up in the same place and not needing to drive hundreds of miles in one direction or the other. I came home right before the holidays and had the opportunity to really absorb time with those most dear to my heart in Colorado. I visited  family and taught my niece to fish on Christmas in Louisiana. I had the chance to get in some snowboarding and caught some great shows from other bands. I wouldn’t trade any of the moments I was able to have for the world.

I am aching for the road again though. It’s a small rumble that turns into a hurricane the closer we get to leaving again. I’ve been daydreaming about playing shows with the guys and seeing those we know in faraway cities. I miss it like a child misses camp before each summer. I am more myself on stage than anywhere else in this world.  Those of you that keep coming back to our shows have added so much to our purpose. You’ve shared stories about how the songs describe part of your own life and how you’ve dealt with the same things. We’re all mending ourselves and doing our best together. That brings me so much motivation and this tour is going to be the most special yet. We’re (finally) recording an album after this and have new songs to share with you.  

THANK YOU for joining us on this journey and keeping us going along the way. I love you. Each of you have become the story of me. I hope we’ve somehow become part of the story of you. - Love, Sarah

1. fishing with my niece in Louisiana  

1. fishing with my niece in Louisiana  

Worked X GAMES Aspen with ESPN for the 7th year in a row. I love my event production family I see each winter. I work with the on air hosts / talent, directors, and producers for the live show. My focus is superpipe and Slopestyle 

Worked X GAMES Aspen with ESPN for the 7th year in a row. I love my event production family I see each winter. I work with the on air hosts / talent, directors, and producers for the live show. My focus is superpipe and Slopestyle 

Hiking in Colorado with some of my favorite people

Hiking in Colorado with some of my favorite people

I was asked to sing on the "Martin Guitar Project" and recorded a song for a compilation album being made for a man with progressive MS who is unable to play his 1969 Martin Guitar anymore. A group of Colorado musicians got together to record our songs on his guitar 

I was asked to sing on the "Martin Guitar Project" and recorded a song for a compilation album being made for a man with progressive MS who is unable to play his 1969 Martin Guitar anymore. A group of Colorado musicians got together to record our songs on his guitar 


Hi Tribe! We've missed you and the familiar roads we know across this fine country. This March we're heading west to visit some of our favorite places. See if we're coming to your city and come  hang!  


At this point in my musical career, it seems I have spent more time on the road than I have in one place. After awhile, tours start to blend together and it becomes harder to recall anything but the most meaningful moments. However, this last tour stood out for a number of reasons and was more meaningful to me than any other tour previously. I will list those reasons!  

1) I've always done my best to acknowledge and appreciate the kindnesses offered by others while traveling, but I felt that my eyes were a little more opened this time around. I was, am and will be forever grateful of the hospitality shown by friends and strangers. 

2) We saw a wonderful growth in our business. We are beginning to see the efforts of the last two years pay off and the newer markets we are breaking into are promising. We are also getting along as a band better than we ever have before and we are all taking care of ourselves better than we ever have. I love my band mates. 

3) We got a chance to stop and smell the roses. Most of our past tours have been so busy that we never really get to explore anywhere we go. Thankfully, we got to take some time to site see, drink some wine at vineyards, play some Top Golf, and just be a little more human on the road. We got to play, which made us play harder. 

4) I've started taking more that's good for everybody. 

Thank you to everyone who came out to support us and to everyone who offered us a meal, a place to crash, or a really good hug. You spending time on us means the world. - Maxwell 




Dustin's Fall Tour 2017 Recap

Dustin's Fall Tour 2017 Recap

In the beginning of November, Edison embarked on another adventure. It's hard to say that we just left for tour or went to work. Every time we gas up V-Mo up for the first ride there's a feeling of many feelings. First, we're saddened by leaving our loves but hopeful for the miles ahead and the lives we lead every night on the stage. I've said before that I want every tour to be my favorite but I can honestly say that this one, this was my favorite one. The friendship and musical bond that I have with my band mates has grown for 2 years and over 100,000 miles. The vibe we have in our van is of a peaceful workplace and rolling home. We spend our days in V Mo taking driving shifts, listening to podcast, reading, learning languages, telling stories and scheming on  future endeavors. By the end of day one we've found our rhythm again.

This run started at Denver's Hi Dive. So many friends and fans came out to support and wave bye to us. With our hometown backing us, it's hard not to feel invincible. Off to Salt Lake City we go!
Cut to the next scene of Van overheated and Edison at the mechanic...
And back on the road!!

The next day we were off to Boise for a show and a songwriting workshop. This was a first for us as a band. We discussed the ingredients of our sound and our writing process. It was so nice to open up about the thought behind the song. When describing something you usually understand it even more than before.  Next we listened and constructively critiqued fellow writers. I felt like a judge on The Voice. I wanted them all on my team. Alas, there were no teams but I still got carried away. I do that sometimes.

Cinder Wines - Boise, ID (presented by Idaho Songwriters Association) 

Cinder Wines - Boise, ID (presented by Idaho Songwriters Association) 

Then we headed towards snowy Sandpoint, ID for our second sold out night. We're a grateful band! The next few days were seasoned with gorgeous drives through now familiar places, seeing friendly faces in Snoqualmie, WA, Portland and Grant's Pass, Oregon. I feel like we may have even given ourselves a day off somewhere in between. Through filled days and nights I had been California Dreaming for a while. We reached the Golden State by sunset and it was beautiful as always. Then we were pulled over...California's finest wanted to give their welcome and let us know we're going to fast while pulling a trailer. Apparently you can only go 55 while towing. We saw the signs but 55? Really? He was a nice guy and let us off with a warning. The rest of the drive was very slow needless to say. More time time to look out the window. So much more time.


Sunny Santa Cruz and Long Beach shows were had before reaching Los Angeles' Hotel Cafe. That place is always bursting at the seams with talent and our night was no different. All the bands were so inspiring. We stopped in Las Vegas on the way back to our Colorado shows for some mild debauchery. Well, I went to sleep but I didn't brush my teeth that night. You have to cut loose sometimes. 


We were welcomed back to Colorado with 2 more wonderful shows with our "Edison Big Band"! That's not an official name but we're accompanied by our friends Cody (Kind Dub) on bass, Leif on the cello, Ryan on guitar and our buddy, Cory guest rapping .So another great run in the hat. I really can't thank everyone enough who helps to make us successful, happy and helps keep us singing!!

From the bottom of my heart.
Thank You!




Hello tribe!  We miss seeing you on the road so we've booked a new fall tour hitting the west coast for some select dates this November before we go back in to the studio. See if we're coming to your city!  Follow all of our tour debauchery on Snapchat, IG, Twitter @listentoedison

See you soon friends, Edison


NOV 2. Denver, CO - The Hi Dive

NOV 3. Salt Lake City, UT - Piper Down

Nov 4. Boise, ID - Cinder Wines

Nov 5. Sandpoint, ID - Di Luna's

Nov 7. Snoqualmie, WA - Black Dog

Nov 8. Portland, OR - White Eagle 

Nov 11. Santa Cruz, CA - Private Event

Nov 13. Long Beach, CA - Pike Place

Nov 14. Los Angeles,CA - Hotel Cafe

Nov 17. Fort Collins, CO - CSU Stadium (4pm Tailgate Party)

Nov 17. Fort Collins, CO - Hodi's Halfnote (9pm headline show)

Nov 18. Wray, CO - 4th & Main 


Hi Friends! We've just released a new video for CIVIL WAR (directed by Justan Floyd) for your viewing pleasure. We shot it in Oklahoma City on our way home to Colorado from South by Southwest.  We've also just annoucned a slew of summer shows. We'll be in our home state of Colorado a lot. We'd love to see you. Hope you're all having a beautiful summer :) 

JUNE 24. Westword Music Showcase. Denver,CO (w/ Shakey Graves) 

JUNE 30. Piper Down Pub. Salt Lake City, UT 

JULY 1. Downtown Artery. Fort Collins, CO 

JULY 2. IheartRadio/Broncos Block Party. Denver, CO (w/ Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness)

JULY 6. Summit Music Hall. Denver, CO (duo set w/ Tow'rs) 

JULY 13. Vuhaus / 105.5 FM Event. Boulder, CO 

JULY 20. Indiana RedBarn. Nashville, IN

JULY 21. Brothers Drake. Columbus, OH 

JULY 22. Fort Wayne Pride. Fort Wayne, IN

JULY 27. Duffy's. Lincoln, NE 


JULY 30. Ophelias.(Sarah Solo) Denver, CO

AUG 10. Black Shirt Brewing (Maxwell solo) Denver, CO 

AUG 13. Bohemian Nights. Fort Collins, CO (w/ Brandi Carlisle / Flobots)

AUG 17. Levitt Pavillion. Denver, CO 

AUG 18. Wray Amphitheatre. Holyoke, CO

AUG 25. New Belgium Brewing Series. Fort Collins, CO 

SEP 9. Royal Gorge Festival. Canon City, CO 

SEP 12. Rockwood Music Hall. New York, NY 


The west coast leg of the Familiar Spirit Tour will begin soon. We're kicking it all off in Fort Collins at FoCoMX Festival with 200+ bands playing at the end of April. We'll be making our way down to Texas to begin recording part of our next album, followed by a string of shows leading us to our residency in LA. We have LOTS of news to share with you soon. Check out dates below and come say hello if we head to your city! 

April 29 - Fort Collins, CO. FoCoMX Fest 

May 5 - Cheyenne, WY. Fridays In The Asher

May 7 - Dallas, TX. SuesAPalooza 

May 10 - Austin, TX - Stay Gold 

May 18 - Cody, WY. Juniper Wine 

May 20 - Pleasant Valley, MT - Pine Creek

May 23 - Spokane, WA - The Bartlett

May 25. Snoqualmie, WA - The Black Dog

May 26 - Portland, OR - The White Eagle 

June 1-8-15-22-29 - Los Angeles, CA. The Hotel Cafe 

ALSO - we have NEW SHIRTS available along with physical copies of Familiar Spirit on VINYL/CD



Tour Recap: Sarah

Tour Recap: Sarah

“Francois Rabelais. He was a poet. And his last words were "I go to seek a Great Perhaps." That's why I'm going. So I don't have to wait until I die to start seeking a Great Perhaps.” - John Green, Looking For Alaska 

I’m writing my journal entry from back home in Colorado. Now that I’ve started to catch up on rest my mind is able to stitch back together the last couple months and assemble my version of everything that happened.

 We set out on familiar highways and roads we’ve often seen in the last two years. It’s crazy how comfortable you feel once you’re hundreds of miles away from any major city.  There is a calm that settles over me and what could evoke isolation ends up making me feel more connected to everything around me so much more. I vividly remember leaving Colorado in February and letting the excitement settle in once we’d crossed into Nebraska.  

Our tour route went from Colorado -> Nebraska -> Missouri -> Illinois -> Indiana -> Ohio -> New York -> Virginia -> North Carolina -> Tenneessee -> Georgia -> Louisiana -> Texas -> Oklahoma -> Arizona -> New Mexico -> Colorado 

One of the best things about tour is losing yourself in music while you’re driving. I discovered a lot of new bands on this last run and listened to a lot of my constant companions. You can hear the tunes that summed up this past tour for me in my new Spotify Tour Soundtrack

There were notable things in every city we came to, but I think I’ll take a move from Max’s playbook and reminisce on a few highlights.  

  • Folk Alliance International: The conference was held in downtown Kansas City with music being played in every hotel room on three floors. We sauntered our way through crowded hallways to listen to folk music from all over the world. We drank sake in the Alaska Room, ate cheese in the Wisconsin Room and heard music that melts you in the British Underground room. Colorado hosted the “Colorado & Friends” Showcase in a room where we played alongside fellow travelers and musicians from back home. It’s crazy to begin tour with a festival like this because you literally stay up playing music until the sun is about to come up each night.  (Kansas City Must Try: Lulu’s Noodles)

  • Columbus, OH:  We’ve come to consider Columbus a second home while on the road. This is due to a group of solid people that we’re friends with thanks to Max.  In the last two years we’ve played Columbus 5x and each visit through we’re greeted with the most sincere love and welcoming energy. This past tour we played a show at Brothers Drake  Meadery to raise money and awareness for Green Columbus. The show was packed and we closed the night eating pizza and playing music with friends late into the night. (Columbus Must Try: Basil Thai & One Line Coffee on High St.)
  • New York, NY:  I was really excited to return to NYC after living there for our residency last summer. That time created new friendships in my life that I’m really thankful for and I knew going to see the city meant time for stoop talks and working hard.  We did a jam packed press day that included interviews, photoshoots, FB Live Sessions and crossing the burroughs all day.  The highlight for me was going back to the hip-hop class I took last year (thank you to Darren and his Dance Grooves for helping me learn to pop-n-lock when I was 13).  (New York Must Try: Punjabi in the East Village, Rustique Pizza in JC)


  • Asheville, NC:  I hadn’t ever been to Asheville, but had had an obsession with North Carolina since I was younger (thanks, Dawsons Creek).  We spent a night off staying with a couple new friends and found ourselves at an open mic night. We each signed up and spent the next few hours being absolutely floored by the talent in the room. I’m serious. It blew our minds and was the best surprise evening we could have asked for. I ended the night around a bonfire having beautiful talks with new musician friends that had been strangers just hours before. (Must See: Jack of The Wood Monday Open Mic)

  • South by Southwest:  It meant a lot for us to be official this year. I had been attending SXSW in various capacities since 2011. This year was a completely different experience than those in the past. We played (7) showcases and did a LOT of press. My favorite part about it was the #BirdhouseSleepover that we won from HomeAway.  I entered us a few weeks prior while driving to Canada and figured it wouldn’t hurt to give it a shot. It felt so good to sleep in a comfy bed and wake up each day near the festival. My favorite part about SX this year was a night off from playing our shows when we hopped around to see other artists with old and new friends. We found ourselves doing a video session with Taylor Guitars and being body painted on an Austin rooftop.

We finished the festival in Austin and headed to Oklahoma City to film a music video for “Civil War”. The exhaustion I had been putting off started to hit me as we made our way to our final show in Santa Fe.  We had headlined Phoenix Pride the night before and I could feel myself being on my last legs.  The last show was a pop up show put together through Max’s friends a few days prior. We arrived at the “Mill House” and were greeted by a group of kind and generous people. Dogs were running around and I was trying to keep up with each person's name around the bonfire. There was a creek rushing on the other side of the yard and we played our set just up the hill. It was the perfect way to end tour.  I remember looking around the room at each person’s face as Max started the night with his solo set. They were all mesmerized in hearing how he plays for the first time. In that moment all my exhaustion faded away and I was overcome with gratitude for this being my life and for the moments that led me there. There’s uncertainty you have to face when you do this for a living. You question things and yourself from time to time. That night in Santa Fe I felt the opposite of that. It felt like one of my favorite lines from the book, Perks of Being A Wallflower.

“And in that moment, I swear we were infinite. “

After traveling so much I find that little pieces of my heart are all over this country. There are so many kind people that have crossed our paths during all of this and that's what I really take away from it. I believe I'm better for it.  Thank you to each of you that have been part of making this chapter in my life so monumental for me. I love you and will see you soon. - Sarah 

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Tour Recap: Maxwell

Tour Recap: Maxwell

I'm writing this as we are heading north on I-25, making our way to drop me off in Fort Collins. Reflecting on the tour, it's easy to say that this tour was the busiest and best tour to date. We played 35 shows and had more coverage than any other tour by far. 

I could recap every day chronologically, but I don't think that would be too interesting. Instead, I will share some memories around our conferences and my Best Of Tour List. Here are some of my favorite memories on tour...

1. Press day at SXSW- our amazing publicist at Big Picture Media set up a press day for us during SXSW. We speed dated publications, photographers and interviewers in 15 minute chunks over a 4 hour block. It exhausted me but we got a lot done in a short amount time. 

2. Homeaways Birdhouse stay- Sarah entered us into HomeAway's Birdhouse Contest (I forgot that actual name, just roll with it) and we won the contest. That entailed swag bags, 2 cases of Austin Eastcider cider and 4 days of accommodations, including our last two nights staying in the "Worlds Largest Birdhouse" at the HomeAway headquarters. Weird. Awesome. Birdie.

3. SXSW Softball Game- We signed up for the SXSW closing softball game and signed up on different teams. Sarah was with Managers/Agents, Dustin was on the Mixed Media team with our friends Jared &a The Mill, and I was on the Club Owners/Talent Buyers team. I haven't played softball since I was a kid, so my confidence in my ability was pretty low. But I must say, I did surprisingly well. We won our first game, giving me a veil of over confidence. We lost our second game 18-3. Confidence shattered. It was still a blast though and is now a part of Edison/SXSW tradition. 

4. Folk Alliance Swimming- After a long day/night at Folk Alliance International, we were getting ready to stumble back from the conference to our place (Van Morrison parked in a dirt parking lot 4 blocks up), when Dustin decided to walk the ledge of the outdoor fountain. I would have joined him, obviously, but I was feeling pretty under the weather that day. When Dustin reached the end of the ledge he decided to make the 6 foot jump to the final edge of the fountain. Amazingly, he landed...but just for a moment. He then began falling backward, frozen like a statue, and fell straight back into the water. 

Best Of Tour List

Favorite show- The Basement, Nashville, TN

Prettiest drive- Truth or Consequences, NM to Tucson, AZ

Favorite late night- Atlanta, GA

Favorite Gas station coffee- QT's, everywhere. 

Best local beer- Pecan Beer, De La Vega

Cleanest rest stop restroom- Loves

Most exciting animal spotted- armadillo 

Favorite crowd- Brothers Drake, Columbus, OH

Favorite interview- Distractify

Best day off- Fayetteville

Favorite movie- Logan

Favorite house concert- Mill House, Santa Fe

Most unsuspected visitor- Knoxville, TN

Favorite activity- hotsprings

Favorite show- Stranger Things

Favorite podcast- The Adventure Zone 


Tour Recap: Dustin

We have one more show tonight and then that's a wrap on this tour! As we are driving through cacti ridden, beautiful AZ, I'm feeling reflective. Like looking out the back window of our van, movie kind of reflective.

I think this has been my favorite Edison run thus far.

After enjoying a much needed holiday break, the family got back together at the beginning of Feb for a week long writing session at the Fort Collins Music District. We had 24 hour practice room access and cozy places to lay our heads at night. We ended up writing 6 new tunes that we're so proud of! We came out of that week with new material to road test and shift our sound that we didn't see coming. We are forever grateful to Fort Collins Music District for their contribution to our dreams. Sounds cheesy but it's so completely true!

In mid Feb we started our trek to our 2nd International Folk Alliance. It's my favorite music conference. Imagine an entire hotel filled with musicians carrying gear through crowded hallways, bumping into each other, smiling, catching up from last year. The shows were in set up in each hotel room till 3:30 am. Here's a pic of the hotel from the back. Every lit window had a performer in it doing their thing.

The band slept in our van (V Mo!) in a parking lot full of other camping folksters. We love crashing out in the van. It really is a home:) FAI was an exhausting success! Time to work our way North now. We stared our routing and stopped to play in some our favorite spots in Joliet, IL and Nashville, IN, where some of our new friends let us take their boat out on the lake for the day. We have the best tribe a band could ask for!

We worked and played our way through Columbus, Cleveland and Albany and seeing good friends along the way. It's nice touring as much as we do because we get a chance to make real friendships.

This was the band's 4th time to rock NYC. We had a blast and our days were completely packed with press, Facebook Lives and photo shoots. We did however carve out a good time for ourselves in the sleepless city. There was even a hip hop dance class to be had :)

After NY, we worked our way through Virginia, Knoxville, Nashville, Atlanta, New Orleans, Houston and Dallas.

We cruised into Austin ready to take SXSW by storm, well after V Mo got a little maintenance attention.

He's much better now.
This year's Southby was chaotic and simultaneously blissful. Edison was Home Away's Birdhouse contest and literally stayed in the world's largest birdhouse! It was fantastic!!

We also have a new tradition of capping off the week at the SXSW softball game. We've all vowed to practice and be way better next year:)

Mission accomplished in Texas!!

Next we shot over to OKC for a week of brand planning and video shooting. It was also really nice to stay put for a few days and recover in windy Oklahoma. As our tour was coming to an end, we started making our way through New Mexico and Arizona. Something about the Southwest energy is indescribable and can't wait to get back and feel it again.

We're almost home now. We're already looking forward to the next travel:)

To our tribe,

Thank you from the very bottom of our hearts for believing in us, feeding us, taking us into your homes and letting us into your lives'. We truly couldn't do any of this without you.