At this point in my musical career, it seems I have spent more time on the road than I have in one place. After awhile, tours start to blend together and it becomes harder to recall anything but the most meaningful moments. However, this last tour stood out for a number of reasons and was more meaningful to me than any other tour previously. I will list those reasons!  

1) I've always done my best to acknowledge and appreciate the kindnesses offered by others while traveling, but I felt that my eyes were a little more opened this time around. I was, am and will be forever grateful of the hospitality shown by friends and strangers. 

2) We saw a wonderful growth in our business. We are beginning to see the efforts of the last two years pay off and the newer markets we are breaking into are promising. We are also getting along as a band better than we ever have before and we are all taking care of ourselves better than we ever have. I love my band mates. 

3) We got a chance to stop and smell the roses. Most of our past tours have been so busy that we never really get to explore anywhere we go. Thankfully, we got to take some time to site see, drink some wine at vineyards, play some Top Golf, and just be a little more human on the road. We got to play, which made us play harder. 

4) I've started taking more that's good for everybody. 

Thank you to everyone who came out to support us and to everyone who offered us a meal, a place to crash, or a really good hug. You spending time on us means the world. - Maxwell