In the beginning of November, Edison embarked on another adventure. It's hard to say that we just left for tour or went to work. Every time we gas up V-Mo up for the first ride there's a feeling of many feelings. First, we're saddened by leaving our loves but hopeful for the miles ahead and the lives we lead every night on the stage. I've said before that I want every tour to be my favorite but I can honestly say that this one, this was my favorite one. The friendship and musical bond that I have with my band mates has grown for 2 years and over 100,000 miles. The vibe we have in our van is of a peaceful workplace and rolling home. We spend our days in V Mo taking driving shifts, listening to podcast, reading, learning languages, telling stories and scheming on  future endeavors. By the end of day one we've found our rhythm again.

This run started at Denver's Hi Dive. So many friends and fans came out to support and wave bye to us. With our hometown backing us, it's hard not to feel invincible. Off to Salt Lake City we go!
Cut to the next scene of Van overheated and Edison at the mechanic...
And back on the road!!

The next day we were off to Boise for a show and a songwriting workshop. This was a first for us as a band. We discussed the ingredients of our sound and our writing process. It was so nice to open up about the thought behind the song. When describing something you usually understand it even more than before.  Next we listened and constructively critiqued fellow writers. I felt like a judge on The Voice. I wanted them all on my team. Alas, there were no teams but I still got carried away. I do that sometimes.

Cinder Wines - Boise, ID (presented by Idaho Songwriters Association) 

Cinder Wines - Boise, ID (presented by Idaho Songwriters Association) 

Then we headed towards snowy Sandpoint, ID for our second sold out night. We're a grateful band! The next few days were seasoned with gorgeous drives through now familiar places, seeing friendly faces in Snoqualmie, WA, Portland and Grant's Pass, Oregon. I feel like we may have even given ourselves a day off somewhere in between. Through filled days and nights I had been California Dreaming for a while. We reached the Golden State by sunset and it was beautiful as always. Then we were pulled over...California's finest wanted to give their welcome and let us know we're going to fast while pulling a trailer. Apparently you can only go 55 while towing. We saw the signs but 55? Really? He was a nice guy and let us off with a warning. The rest of the drive was very slow needless to say. More time time to look out the window. So much more time.


Sunny Santa Cruz and Long Beach shows were had before reaching Los Angeles' Hotel Cafe. That place is always bursting at the seams with talent and our night was no different. All the bands were so inspiring. We stopped in Las Vegas on the way back to our Colorado shows for some mild debauchery. Well, I went to sleep but I didn't brush my teeth that night. You have to cut loose sometimes. 


We were welcomed back to Colorado with 2 more wonderful shows with our "Edison Big Band"! That's not an official name but we're accompanied by our friends Cody (Kind Dub) on bass, Leif on the cello, Ryan on guitar and our buddy, Cory guest rapping .So another great run in the hat. I really can't thank everyone enough who helps to make us successful, happy and helps keep us singing!!

From the bottom of my heart.
Thank You!