I'm writing this as we are heading north on I-25, making our way to drop me off in Fort Collins. Reflecting on the tour, it's easy to say that this tour was the busiest and best tour to date. We played 35 shows and had more coverage than any other tour by far. 

I could recap every day chronologically, but I don't think that would be too interesting. Instead, I will share some memories around our conferences and my Best Of Tour List. Here are some of my favorite memories on tour...

1. Press day at SXSW- our amazing publicist at Big Picture Media set up a press day for us during SXSW. We speed dated publications, photographers and interviewers in 15 minute chunks over a 4 hour block. It exhausted me but we got a lot done in a short amount time. 

2. Homeaways Birdhouse stay- Sarah entered us into HomeAway's Birdhouse Contest (I forgot that actual name, just roll with it) and we won the contest. That entailed swag bags, 2 cases of Austin Eastcider cider and 4 days of accommodations, including our last two nights staying in the "Worlds Largest Birdhouse" at the HomeAway headquarters. Weird. Awesome. Birdie.

3. SXSW Softball Game- We signed up for the SXSW closing softball game and signed up on different teams. Sarah was with Managers/Agents, Dustin was on the Mixed Media team with our friends Jared &a The Mill, and I was on the Club Owners/Talent Buyers team. I haven't played softball since I was a kid, so my confidence in my ability was pretty low. But I must say, I did surprisingly well. We won our first game, giving me a veil of over confidence. We lost our second game 18-3. Confidence shattered. It was still a blast though and is now a part of Edison/SXSW tradition. 

4. Folk Alliance Swimming- After a long day/night at Folk Alliance International, we were getting ready to stumble back from the conference to our place (Van Morrison parked in a dirt parking lot 4 blocks up), when Dustin decided to walk the ledge of the outdoor fountain. I would have joined him, obviously, but I was feeling pretty under the weather that day. When Dustin reached the end of the ledge he decided to make the 6 foot jump to the final edge of the fountain. Amazingly, he landed...but just for a moment. He then began falling backward, frozen like a statue, and fell straight back into the water. 

Best Of Tour List

Favorite show- The Basement, Nashville, TN

Prettiest drive- Truth or Consequences, NM to Tucson, AZ

Favorite late night- Atlanta, GA

Favorite Gas station coffee- QT's, everywhere. 

Best local beer- Pecan Beer, De La Vega

Cleanest rest stop restroom- Loves

Most exciting animal spotted- armadillo 

Favorite crowd- Brothers Drake, Columbus, OH

Favorite interview- Distractify

Best day off- Fayetteville

Favorite movie- Logan

Favorite house concert- Mill House, Santa Fe

Most unsuspected visitor- Knoxville, TN

Favorite activity- hotsprings

Favorite show- Stranger Things

Favorite podcast- The Adventure Zone