“Francois Rabelais. He was a poet. And his last words were "I go to seek a Great Perhaps." That's why I'm going. So I don't have to wait until I die to start seeking a Great Perhaps.” - John Green, Looking For Alaska 

I’m writing my journal entry from back home in Colorado. Now that I’ve started to catch up on rest my mind is able to stitch back together the last couple months and assemble my version of everything that happened.

 We set out on familiar highways and roads we’ve often seen in the last two years. It’s crazy how comfortable you feel once you’re hundreds of miles away from any major city.  There is a calm that settles over me and what could evoke isolation ends up making me feel more connected to everything around me so much more. I vividly remember leaving Colorado in February and letting the excitement settle in once we’d crossed into Nebraska.  

Our tour route went from Colorado -> Nebraska -> Missouri -> Illinois -> Indiana -> Ohio -> New York -> Virginia -> North Carolina -> Tenneessee -> Georgia -> Louisiana -> Texas -> Oklahoma -> Arizona -> New Mexico -> Colorado 

One of the best things about tour is losing yourself in music while you’re driving. I discovered a lot of new bands on this last run and listened to a lot of my constant companions. You can hear the tunes that summed up this past tour for me in my new Spotify Tour Soundtrack

There were notable things in every city we came to, but I think I’ll take a move from Max’s playbook and reminisce on a few highlights.  

  • Folk Alliance International: The conference was held in downtown Kansas City with music being played in every hotel room on three floors. We sauntered our way through crowded hallways to listen to folk music from all over the world. We drank sake in the Alaska Room, ate cheese in the Wisconsin Room and heard music that melts you in the British Underground room. Colorado hosted the “Colorado & Friends” Showcase in a room where we played alongside fellow travelers and musicians from back home. It’s crazy to begin tour with a festival like this because you literally stay up playing music until the sun is about to come up each night.  (Kansas City Must Try: Lulu’s Noodles)

  • Columbus, OH:  We’ve come to consider Columbus a second home while on the road. This is due to a group of solid people that we’re friends with thanks to Max.  In the last two years we’ve played Columbus 5x and each visit through we’re greeted with the most sincere love and welcoming energy. This past tour we played a show at Brothers Drake  Meadery to raise money and awareness for Green Columbus. The show was packed and we closed the night eating pizza and playing music with friends late into the night. (Columbus Must Try: Basil Thai & One Line Coffee on High St.)
  • New York, NY:  I was really excited to return to NYC after living there for our residency last summer. That time created new friendships in my life that I’m really thankful for and I knew going to see the city meant time for stoop talks and working hard.  We did a jam packed press day that included interviews, photoshoots, FB Live Sessions and crossing the burroughs all day.  The highlight for me was going back to the hip-hop class I took last year (thank you to Darren and his Dance Grooves for helping me learn to pop-n-lock when I was 13).  (New York Must Try: Punjabi in the East Village, Rustique Pizza in JC)


  • Asheville, NC:  I hadn’t ever been to Asheville, but had had an obsession with North Carolina since I was younger (thanks, Dawsons Creek).  We spent a night off staying with a couple new friends and found ourselves at an open mic night. We each signed up and spent the next few hours being absolutely floored by the talent in the room. I’m serious. It blew our minds and was the best surprise evening we could have asked for. I ended the night around a bonfire having beautiful talks with new musician friends that had been strangers just hours before. (Must See: Jack of The Wood Monday Open Mic)

  • South by Southwest:  It meant a lot for us to be official this year. I had been attending SXSW in various capacities since 2011. This year was a completely different experience than those in the past. We played (7) showcases and did a LOT of press. My favorite part about it was the #BirdhouseSleepover that we won from HomeAway.  I entered us a few weeks prior while driving to Canada and figured it wouldn’t hurt to give it a shot. It felt so good to sleep in a comfy bed and wake up each day near the festival. My favorite part about SX this year was a night off from playing our shows when we hopped around to see other artists with old and new friends. We found ourselves doing a video session with Taylor Guitars and being body painted on an Austin rooftop.

We finished the festival in Austin and headed to Oklahoma City to film a music video for “Civil War”. The exhaustion I had been putting off started to hit me as we made our way to our final show in Santa Fe.  We had headlined Phoenix Pride the night before and I could feel myself being on my last legs.  The last show was a pop up show put together through Max’s friends a few days prior. We arrived at the “Mill House” and were greeted by a group of kind and generous people. Dogs were running around and I was trying to keep up with each person's name around the bonfire. There was a creek rushing on the other side of the yard and we played our set just up the hill. It was the perfect way to end tour.  I remember looking around the room at each person’s face as Max started the night with his solo set. They were all mesmerized in hearing how he plays for the first time. In that moment all my exhaustion faded away and I was overcome with gratitude for this being my life and for the moments that led me there. There’s uncertainty you have to face when you do this for a living. You question things and yourself from time to time. That night in Santa Fe I felt the opposite of that. It felt like one of my favorite lines from the book, Perks of Being A Wallflower.

“And in that moment, I swear we were infinite. “

After traveling so much I find that little pieces of my heart are all over this country. There are so many kind people that have crossed our paths during all of this and that's what I really take away from it. I believe I'm better for it.  Thank you to each of you that have been part of making this chapter in my life so monumental for me. I love you and will see you soon. - Sarah 

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