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Tour Recap: Dustin

We have one more show tonight and then that's a wrap on this tour! As we are driving through cacti ridden, beautiful AZ, I'm feeling reflective. Like looking out the back window of our van, movie kind of reflective.

I think this has been my favorite Edison run thus far.

After enjoying a much needed holiday break, the family got back together at the beginning of Feb for a week long writing session at the Fort Collins Music District. We had 24 hour practice room access and cozy places to lay our heads at night. We ended up writing 6 new tunes that we're so proud of! We came out of that week with new material to road test and shift our sound that we didn't see coming. We are forever grateful to Fort Collins Music District for their contribution to our dreams. Sounds cheesy but it's so completely true!

In mid Feb we started our trek to our 2nd International Folk Alliance. It's my favorite music conference. Imagine an entire hotel filled with musicians carrying gear through crowded hallways, bumping into each other, smiling, catching up from last year. The shows were in set up in each hotel room till 3:30 am. Here's a pic of the hotel from the back. Every lit window had a performer in it doing their thing.

The band slept in our van (V Mo!) in a parking lot full of other camping folksters. We love crashing out in the van. It really is a home:) FAI was an exhausting success! Time to work our way North now. We stared our routing and stopped to play in some our favorite spots in Joliet, IL and Nashville, IN, where some of our new friends let us take their boat out on the lake for the day. We have the best tribe a band could ask for!

We worked and played our way through Columbus, Cleveland and Albany and seeing good friends along the way. It's nice touring as much as we do because we get a chance to make real friendships.

This was the band's 4th time to rock NYC. We had a blast and our days were completely packed with press, Facebook Lives and photo shoots. We did however carve out a good time for ourselves in the sleepless city. There was even a hip hop dance class to be had :)

After NY, we worked our way through Virginia, Knoxville, Nashville, Atlanta, New Orleans, Houston and Dallas.

We cruised into Austin ready to take SXSW by storm, well after V Mo got a little maintenance attention.

He's much better now.
This year's Southby was chaotic and simultaneously blissful. Edison was Home Away's Birdhouse contest and literally stayed in the world's largest birdhouse! It was fantastic!!

We also have a new tradition of capping off the week at the SXSW softball game. We've all vowed to practice and be way better next year:)

Mission accomplished in Texas!!

Next we shot over to OKC for a week of brand planning and video shooting. It was also really nice to stay put for a few days and recover in windy Oklahoma. As our tour was coming to an end, we started making our way through New Mexico and Arizona. Something about the Southwest energy is indescribable and can't wait to get back and feel it again.

We're almost home now. We're already looking forward to the next travel:)

To our tribe,

Thank you from the very bottom of our hearts for believing in us, feeding us, taking us into your homes and letting us into your lives'. We truly couldn't do any of this without you.